Why We Sit & Stand So Poorly

A Film on the Work of Michael Protzel

Short Bio

Directed & Edited by Seth Jacobson
Animations by Aldo Romero

5 min Trailer

Part I
Trapped in Habit

What Have We Done To Ourselves! (3:27)

Every Species (5:27)

Michael's Story (15:17)

The Core Concepts: "Uprighting" / "Weight Commitment" (8:40)
Uprighting: We Do It All Day Long - Our Downward Trajectory - We're a Bunch of Leaners

Sitting-Back in Chairs: Subliminal Learning at a Very Young Age (27:34)
Keeping a Level Head - Introducing the Ilio-Psoas Muscle - Controlling the Backwards Topple - Getting in Touch with the Ilio-Psoas - Slumping - Tilting the Head Up - "Sit Back and Relax" - Anchors Aweigh - "Sit Up Straight!" - Going Against Evolution - Eating at a Table/Writing at a Desk - Even Great Athletes

Standing (4:23)

Part II
Innate Uprighting: How It Works

Introduction to Innate Uprighting (5:46)
An Act of Lifting - Efficient Lifting - Gravity
A Flexing-Extending Cycle - Going with the Flow

A Lot Happening as We Sit & Stand (24:15)
In a Split Second - Our Descent in Space - Areas of Movement/Support in Sitting - Areas of Movement/Support in Standing - Extensor Muscles Stretch - Rocking Forward - Bouncing - Standing - More Difficult than Sitting - The Talus - Foot Structure - Using Our Ground Contact - Four Points and a Safety Net - From Flexing to Extending

Our Own Built-in Trampoline (4:05)

Part III
Coming Soon

How to Penetrate Habit and Restore Your Innate Uprighting Ability