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Michael Protzel

In 1980, at age 30, Michael Protzel's body was on the brink. Having experienced a lifetime of injuries -- starting with a severely swollen knee at age 10 -- he now found himself unable to get through a day of simple office work without neck and back pain. He figured it was either do something or risk permanent disability. For help, he turned to lessons in the Alexander Technique - an educational discipline that teaches how to become aware of, and change, chronic maladaptive motor patterns. This proved very beneficial. He decided to commit to it fully. In 1986, he became a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

In 1993, Michael had a life-changing moment in a Tai Chi class. He caught a glimpse of himself "mis-committing" his body weight -- something that was not part of the Alexander Technique, and that he had never noticed himself doing before. Suddenly, his lifetime of injuries flashed before his eyes. He felt sure he had witnessed the source of his chronic body problems.

Since that moment, Michael has mounted a disciplined study of "weight commitment" and its impact on "uprighting." He has been experimenting on himself and working with students for 25 years. This film is a report of his findings.

Michael teaches the recovery of innate uprighting to individuals and small groups in New York City and northern New Jersey.

In addition to teaching, Michael is President of Gann Law Books, Inc., one of the few remaining independent law publishers in the United States. Gann is the preeminent publisher of New Jersey law - online and in print - featuring comprehensive treatises on a wide variety of NJ-law topics, presenting incisive legal analysis frequently cited as authority by NJ Courts.

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