Becoming Aware of Our Constant Falling

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The force of our falling is a constant. Here on earth, we are always falling. This has an enormous, continuous impact on us.

Our lack of awareness -- of our falling, of our control over it and of its impact on how we move -- keeps us trapped in our habitual ways of sitting, standing and walking. We will not be able to direct the force of our falling to our advantage until we first recognize how we are directing it NOW.

Currently, our experience of our falling is part of our background consciousness. When we mis-direct our falling, driving ourselves off balance in the process, our brain automatically responds with muscle tensing that braces us to stop our self-induced topple and that rights us so that we can maintain a functionally-level head. These reactions are essential to our survival.

We need to bring the experience of our falling into the foreground. That way we can observe it and consciously influence it to our advantage.